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Boiled ostrich eggs recipe.

Ostrich eggs

Put an ostrich egg into cold water, bring water to boil and keep cooking for 45 minutes to get a soft boiled egg, and for 60 to 70 minutes to hard boil an egg. In order to reduce cooking time, pierce two holes in the egg shell, stir the egg’s contents (for example, with a knitting needle) and pour it out into a bowl or onto a frying pan.

Ostrich eggs Nutrition Facts:

Ostrich egg that weighs 1600 gr. contains about 1,000 grams of protein; 320 grams of yolk.

Fat and cholesterol level in the ostrich egg is much lower than in the eggs of poultry, which indicates its high nutritional properties.

Interesting facts about the ostrich eggs

Scrambled eggs dish for 10 people may be easily cooked out of only one ostrich egg.

Ostrich eggs are the largest eggs in the world.

Ostrich Eggs are 20 centimeters in diameter.

Ostrich egg weight 1.5 kg to 2 kg.

Now it is trendy to paint ostrich eggs for Easter.

The shelf life of raw dissected ostrich eggs (if you want to cook a part of ostrich egg) is about 2-3 days.

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