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How long to boil pike.


Boil pike for 20 to 25 minutes.

Pike soup recipe

The Ingredients of pike soup
pike - 700-800 grams
carrots - 1,
onions - 2 pcs
parsley - 2 pcs
bay leaf - 1,
pepper - 5-6 pieces,
pepper, salt and herbs - to taste.

Pike Soup Recipe
Rinse pike, clean it, gut it and cut into large pieces. Cook pike in large quantity of salted water, periodically removing the foam. Strain the broth.

Peel and chop onions and carrots, chop parsley - add everything to the soup, add spices. Serve pike soup with lemon and dill.

Boiled pike in wine

Ingredients of boiled pike in wine
pike - 1 kg.,
table wine - 1 bottle (0.75 liter)
onion - 2-3 heads
pickles - 2 pcs.
bay leaf, pepper, salt - to taste

Boiled Pike in Wine Recipe
Rinse the pike, clean it, gut it. Rinse the fish, clean it, salt it, bend it in a circle and place in a large saucepan. Pour the wine over the fish so that the wine covers it completely, add pepper, bay leaf, onion, cucumber, carrot which are cut into slices. Salt it a little. Cook the fish over high heat under the lid.

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