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Boiled goose eggs recipe

Goose eggs

Wash goose eggs carefully, put them into a pan of cold water, cover the pan and simmer the eggs for at least 15 minutes.

Goose egg cosmetics

Slightly split goose-egg, pour out a squirrel. Put the remaining yolk into a bowl, and add chopped tomatoes. If you have dry skin, put more tomatoes into the mix. Beat out, put on the face. In 15 minutes remove the goose egg mask.

A simple baked geese eggs recipe


3 goose eggs,
20 grams of crackers,
1 onion, grated nutmeg (pinch),
1 tomato,
mayonnaise or sour cream as a sauce.

Preparation of roasted goose eggs

Make a small hole in the shell of duck eggs by means of a needle, pour the contents into a bowl. Do not throw away the shells.

Add crushed crackers into the bowl with eggs, then add chopped onion, nutmeg, crushed tomatoes. Mix well and rub through a sieve. Then, using a syringe, fill egg shells with the mixture.

Bake in oven for 25 minutes, serve mayonnaise or sour cream separately.

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