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How long to boil quail eggs?

Quail eggs

To soft boil quail eggs, put them into boiling water for 1-2 minutes (unlike chicken eggs, they won’t crack).

To hard boil quail eggs, cook them for 5 minutes.

How to cook quail eggs

1. Wash quail egg with cool water.
2. Put quail eggs in a pot.
3. Pour quail eggs with cold water. It should cover eggs with a small margin.
4. Add 1 teaspoon of salt to avoid quail cracking during cooking. This will make water more dense.
5. Put the pot with quail eggs on fire, cook for 3 minutes after the water starts boiling.
6. Drain the hot water from the pot with quail eggs.
7. Pour some cold water into the pot with quail eggs to cool down the eggs faster.
8. Drain cold water after a minute and peel the quail eggs.

Delicious facts about quail eggs

1. Boiled quail eggs are triple tastier if you know its nutritional qualities.

2. Quail eggs prevent anemia, severe headaches, respiratory infections, chronic amnesia, ulcers and gastritis.

3. Quail eggs contain 5 times more potassium than chicken eggs, iron - 4.5 times more than in chicken eggs, vitamins B1 and B2 – 2,5 times more than in chicken eggs.

4. Quail eggs are especially useful for children, since the probability of allergy is less than with cooked chicken eggs.

5. It is believed that quail eggs are useful for the development of mental abilities. In Japan, each student receives two quail eggs for lunch.

6. Some cocktails are prepared on the basis of quail eggs. The most famous is Vite Selvatica. 7. Quail eggs should be fried for 3-5 minutes.

How to cook quail eggs in a microwave

For cooking quail eggs microwave, do the following:
1. Put quail eggs in a dish
2. Pour the eggs with cold water (the water should completely cover the quail eggs).
3. Set microwave for 3 minutes at medium (about 500 W) power, put the dish with eggs into a microwave oven and close the oven door.
4. Peel the quail eggs.

Funny facts about cooking quail eggs in the microwave

Q: I put the egg into the microwave, but it did not explode and did not warm up.
A: Check that the microwave power cord is connected with electrical outlet.
Q: I cooked an egg in the microwave and it did not explode.
A: No.
Q: What products are exploding in the microwave as well as eggs?
A: There are no products that explode in the microwave as spectacular as the eggs.
Q: I have been told that there is a special device for cooking eggs in the microwave.
A: It was about a slicer for hard-boiled eggs. The shop has the right to sell it or just gift it as a promo-present together with a microwave and other kitchen appliances. Do not forget to remove the egg shell.
Q: Following your FAQ "How to boil an egg in the microwave," I started cooking, but it exploded and heavily soiled my microwave!
A: You must have read FAQ carefully to the end, without interruptions.

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