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How long to boil turkey.


Individual pieces of turkey (breast, shanks, thighs) are cooked for one hour, fillet for half an hour. A whole turkey is cooked for three hours but in most cases it's reasonable to carve it beforehand. Cook turkey fillet for 30 minutes for baby food, then change water and let it be cooked for more 20 minutes.

How to cook a turkey

How to cook a turkey in a pot
1. Pour water in a pot and put it on heat.
2. Add salt and put the turkey in the pot after boiling.
3. Cook the turkey pieces for half an hour.
4. Add 1 carrot, 1 peeled onion head, pepper and bay leaf in the broth.
5. Cook turkey for more half an hour, then use as intended.

Turkey in a steamer
1. Carve a turkey, separate the fillet part.
2. Cut the meat against the grains in medium pieces.
3. You may pickle the meat before cooking in a steamer using lemon juice, spices and soy sauce.
4. Put the turkey on the steamer tray and add salt.
5. One can use a steamer tray of foil to cook the turkey in its own juice.
6. Cook the turkey for 20 minutes.


- Turkey fillet is cooked for 40 minutes in a steamer and for 30 minutes in a multicooker.

- Cook turkey longer than usual, about 2 hours, for soup or aspic - then the broth gets more fatty and has richer taste.

- Fatty pieces with skin are good for broth cooking.

- It is recommended to add peeled onion, carrot and celery stalks in the pot 1 hour before the end of cooking to get more flavoury broth.

- If you want to use the cooked turkey in salad, then roast it for a while in vegetable oil after boiling.

- You may cook turkey in milk to make it the most soft.

- Turkey is more useful than any other meat as it contains less fat and calories aa well as more vitamins, minerals and protein.

- Turkey is one of few products which doesn't almost cause allergy including among the children.

- Boiled turkey is given to the babies from one year of old (sometimes it may be given earlier, if a baby already eats vegetable puree).

- If you cook turkey for a breastfed child, it's enough to boil the meat for 1 hour with changing water in the middle of boiling and mince it then.

- Stir the puree with chopped boiled vegetables.

- Calorific value of boiled turkey is 195 kcal/100 gram, broth - 51 kcal.

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