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How long to boil peas


Split pea is cooked for 45 minutes tp 1 hour in a pot without a lid.

Whole pea should be cooked for 1-1.5 hours.

Cooking time depends on grade and age of pea - cooking time can come up to 2 hours.

Idaho and Oregon pea does not require soaking: boil it for 30-40 minutes to cook soup and side dish, and for 1 hour to make puree.

How to cook pea

1 glass of pea
1. Sort out pea, put in a deep plate and pour with cold water (water should cover pea completely), soak for 4-10 hours so the pea will be softer. soak pea in water
2. Wash pea in a colander several times and drain water.
washed pea
3. Pour 4 glasses of cold water on 1 glass of pea, put on heat.
water starts boiling for pea cooking
4. When water starts boiling, add washed pea.
add pea in a pot with water
5. Add a tablespoon of butter or sunflower oil in a pot - then pea will cook quicker, as cooking temperature will be just above 100 degrees. add oil during cooking pea
6. If scum appears during boiling, you should skim it using a spoon or skimmer.
skimming boiling pea
7. Boil pea on low heat under a half open lid.
pea is cooked on low heat
8. If during cooking pea water boiled down and you need to add some more - add only boiling water! 9. Add salt 10 minutes before the end of cooking (1 flat teaspoon of salt for 1 glass of pea). adding salt
Your pea is cooked! You can make a Pea Puree or Pea Porridge of it.

Factelicious about pea

- Pea is good for health - it is rich in vitamins (ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, antioxidant defense) and mineral salts (potassium, provides acid-alkali balance), thiamine (stimulates brain work). Pea contains a lot of vegetable protein.

- Calorific value of pea is 310 kcal per 100 grams.

- Pea shelf life is from 12 months up to 2 years. Cooked pea can be stored in the refrigerator up to 2 days.

- Please do not soak pea for too long time, as it may go off from over 10 hours soaking, especially in hot room temperature. If you soak pea overnight, it's better to put it in a refrigerator - pea will not go off.

- If you are sure that your pea will be soft when cooked, cooking soup you may add pea at the same time as meat - when there is no need to soak pea and its cooking time will be 1.5 hours (about the same as meat cooking time).

- Instead of soaking pea, you may add a quarter teaspoon of baking soda (for 1 glass of pea) during boiling - in this case split pea is cooked for 1.5 hours, and whole pea for 2 hours. Without soaking (and baking soda) pea should be cooked for an hour and a half and for more hours - it's very important to add water in time and in small amounts, so that cooked pea was ready to be used in a dish with all it brew. - You may anneal soaked and washed pea on a pan on low heat for 15 minutes, stirring constantly - then scum will not appear during boiling and pea can be boiled without adding water.

- When you determine pea cooking time, its grade and water hardness have importance - always probe pea before the end of cooking.

- Pea is cooked for 2 hours in a multicooker set to "Stew" program if unsoaked, and for 1 hour if soaked.

- In a microwave: soak pea, then rinse and pour with water, cook in a multicooker at 500 watt for 20 minutes, then stir and cook for more 20 minutes at the same power, then cover the dish and cook for more 15 minutes.

A simple pea soup recipe

Ingredients for making pea soup:

Peas - 1 cup
Potatoes - 2-3 pcs.
Smoked Pork Ribs - 300-500 grams
carrots - 1 pc.
onion - 1 pc.
Seasonings - to taste.

Preparation of pea soup

Chop smoked ribs into pieces, cook them over medium heat for 25 minutes. Then add sliced ??potatoes and simmer over low heat for another 15 minutes. Fry the grated carrot and onion. Add boiled peas and fried carrots and onions into the pot with ribs, and cook for 7-10 minutes.

Your classic pea soup is ready! Serve with croutons and fresh herbs.

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