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What is the boiling time for pelmeni?


Put frozen dumplings into a pot with a large amount (4 liters per 1 kg of dumplings) of boiling salted water.
Add spices and cook for 7 minutes until the boiled dumplings start to float. After that, cook for another 3-4 minutes.

How to boil dumplings

1. Pour water into the pot (15-20 dumplings per serving – it needs half a liter of water), put the pot over high heat.
2. Add black pepper and salt into the water. If the dumplings are to be served with the broth, you may use pepper powder to avoid catching pepper peas in the murky broth.
3. Wait until the water starts boiling.
4. Put frozen dumplings into the pot.
5. As the water boils again, reduce the heat and stir dumplings to prevent them from sticking together and sticking to the bottom and walls of the pot.
6. Cook dumplings for 10 minutes, then fish dumplings out of water with a slotted spoon or a tablespoon.
7. Serve dumplings with sour cream and dumplings broth, strew them with herbs to your liking.
Your dumplings are cooked!

How to boil dumplings in gadgets

How to boil dumplings in a multicooker
Put dumplings to the bottom of a multicooker, then pour some sour cream mixed with water at a ratio of 1:4. Cook dumplings for 20 minutes at "pastries" mode. Before serving, strew the dumplings with grated cheese.

How to cook dumplings in a steamer
Boil dumplings for 30 minutes in a steamer.

How to cook dumplings in a pressure cooker
Boil dumplings for 20 minutes in a pressure cooker.

How to cook the dumplings in a microwave
Put frozen dumplings (200-250 g) in a deep dish, add a glass of water, salt, pepper and bay leaf. Cover the dish with a plate and place it in the microwave for 10 minutes (at 800 W).

Delicious facts about pelmeni

How to cook pelmeni
1. While cooking pelmeni, you can add herbs, black pepper and bay leaf.
2. Pelmeni is a favorite "prudent" and a quick snack to vodka.
3. Pelmeni broth is also very tasty. It is therefore considered that boiled pelmeni is a universal dish, suitable for lunch and dinner.
4. If to cook pelmeni all by yourself "from dough to the end product", you can save up half of the cost:)

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