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What is the boiling time for beef tea?

beef tea

The boiling time for beef tea is the same that the boiling time for beef.

Tips on cooking beef broth

Before cooking the meat broth it is necessary to thoroughly wash the meat under cold water.

The amount of water for boiling the broth should be enough to cover the meat in a pan. While boiling do not add water.

At the beginning of cooking when the water starts to boil, foam appears - it should be removed. Then the pan should be tightly covered with a lid and the meat should be cooked over low heat.

The broth which is cooked from fresh and chilled meat is healthier. Add salt 15-20 minutes before end of cooking time.

Meat broth is more nourishing, if you add black pepper, onion, carrots and bay leaves 30 minutes before end of cooking time.

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