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What is the boiling time for dried mushrooms?

Dried mushrooms

Soak dried mushrooms in water for 3 to 4 hours and then boil dried mushrooms for 1,5 to 2 hours. It is better to boil the mushrooms in the water they were soaked in.

Boiled dried mushroom soup

Ingredients for the preparation of boiled dried mushroom soup
Dried mushrooms - 100 g
Potatoes - 2 pieces,
Onions - 1 head
Sour cream, butter, parsley, pepper and salt - to taste

Preparation of mushroom soup made of dried mushrooms
Soak mushrooms in cold water for 3 hours, then boil them in the same water for 30 minutes, remove and chop. Fry onions until golden brown, add the mushrooms to the onions and saut? for 7 minutes. Put onions and mushrooms back into the saucepan, add salt. Add chopped potatoes to the pan and simmer for another 10 minutes. Infuse for 10 minutes. Serve soup with greens and sour cream.

How to dry mushrooms at home

Clean mushrooms that are supposed to be dried (do not wash them), cut large parts of the mushrooms: caps into slices, legs – into thin strips. Strung sliced mushrooms on a thread: the caps should go separately from legs, as they dry quicker.

Hang threads with mushrooms in a dry sunny place distantly from each other. Cover with cheesecloth to protect from insects. Keep in the sun for 7-9 days, removing the finished dried mushrooms in a jar. Store in glass jars in a dark dry place. You may store mushrooms up to 5 years.

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