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How to cook pork kidneys

How to boil pork kidneys

Before boiling pork kidneys, soak them in cold water for 3 hours. Then put them into a pan, bring it to the boil, replace water while rinsing kidneys. Repeat it and the third time boil the pork kidneys for half an hour.

How to cook pork kidneys

1. Thoroughly rinse pork kidneys, put in a pan and sprinkle with salt.
Thawed rinsed kidneys
2. Soak pork kidneys in cold for 3 hours.
Soak pork kidneys in salted water
3. Drain water, replace with new water and put the pan and boil at the intense heat.
While pork kidneys are boiling
4. While water is boiling, some foam will appear - boil for a few minutes.
when boiling kidneys skim the foam off
5. Pour out the water with foam, rinse kidneys and pour fresh water.
6. Boil the pan with pork kidneys at the intense heat for another few minutes.
7. Pour out water with foam again and wash kidneys.
8. For the last time bring water with kidneys to the boil, salt it and boil for 30 minutes.
boiled pork kidneys
During boiling, it is necessary to skim off foam.


- It is necessary to soak pork kidneys to avoid a certain smell when the dish is ready.

- The weight of one kidney is 140-150 gram. When boiling 1 pork kidneys loses up to 100 gram.

- Caloric content of boiled kidneys is 92 cal./100 gram.

- When soaking kidneys, you can use milk and cream instead of water, this will give the final product a certain creamy softness.

- Boiled kidneys are served as snacks or as an ingredient of salad or after boiling used as parts of stews and soups (for example, rassolnik).

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