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How long to boil a pork tongue?

Pork tongue

It takes 1,5-2 hours to boil a pig's tongue. Then you should skin the tongue. The most convenient way to do it is to skin it under cold water right after boiling.

Boil pork tongue in a multicooker for 1 hour under "Stew" function.
Boil pork tongue in a steamer for 2-2,5 hours.
Boil pork tongue in a pressure cooker for 1 hour.

How to boil pork tongue

Properly wash and brush pork tongue, cut grease and salivary glands. Bring a pan of water to boil. Put the tongue into the boiling water and wait as required. Then rinse the tongue under cold water and skin the tongue. The weight of 1 pork tongue before boiling is about 220-300 gram.
You can easily skin the tongue if you rinse it in cold water after boiling.
During boiling tongue becomes 2 times smaller.

Sandwiches with boiled tongue

Ingredients for making sandwiches with boiled tongue
Boiled tongue - 300-400 grams (0,5 kg of raw beef tongue), 1 large carrot, onion, a third loaf of white bread, herbs and spices - to taste.

The recipe of sandwiches with boiled tongue
40 minutes before end of cooking time, add a carrot to the pot with cooking tongue, also add onions and spices. Dry the tongue for 5-7 minutes, cut into thin slices and serve it on bread, sprinkled with herbs.


Spices for pork tongue As with any byproduct, it is better to boil pork tongue with spices. When boiling pork tongue in a steamer, pan or multicooker, add some peppercorn, garlic, peeled onions and carrots.

When should you salt pork tongue during boiling?
The tongue shall be salted when it is put in the boiling water after it has been brought to the boil again.

Caloric content of boiled pork tongue - 208 cal.

Boiled pork tongue garnish
Wild beans, green pea, fresh vegetables, lettuce, boiled potatoes, mushrooms.

Pork tongue sauce
Bechamel sauce, chicken sauce, mushroom sauce, mustard and horseradish -they all fit well.

How to clean pork tongue
Pork tongue after boiling should be rinsed with cold water and the cooled tongue shall be scraped with a knife, peeling white skin.

Pork tongue for children
Pork tongue can be served to children when they are 1 year old or more However, since pork tongue is relatively fat, parents prefer to feed their children beef tongue.

Boiled pork tongue salad

Ingredients of boiled pork tongue salad
Pork tongue - 2 pcs.
Cucumber - 2 pcs.
Eggs - 1 pc.
Cheese - 1 pc.
Mayonnaise or sour cream - to taste.

The recipe of boiled pork tongue salad
Cook pork tongue and chop it, wash the cucumber and cut it, chop boiled eggs. Slice cheese with grater. Put cucumbers, tongue, eggs, cheese in layers. Then again put cucumbers, language, eggs, cheese in layers.

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