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How long to boil potatoes


Peel and boil whole potatoes for 20-25 minutes, depending on its size, in salted water in a pot covered with lid. Drain the water off, cool it down. When boiling (both shelled and in jackets) potatoes, make sure the water fully covers potatoes. Cook finely cut the potatoes in a soup for 15 minutes.

Cook potatoes in jackets in a steamer for 20-25 minutes depending on the size of tubers.

How to boil potatoes

1. It is best to choose potatoes of the same size, otherwise some troubles may happen: one part of the potato is undercooked, the other is overcooked. If the potatoes are still of different sizes, you can do the following: cook small potatoes uncut, and cut larger potatoes into several pieces. For faster cooking (15 minutes), you may cut cleansed potatoes into 2-3 parts.
2. Thoroughly wash and peel potatoes.
3. Put potatoes into cold salted water (for half a kilo of potatoes fully covered with water - a teaspoon) to avoid overcooking. After water starts boiling, continue cooking at low heat.
4. There should be enough water in the pot to fully cover potatoes.
5. Cover the pot with a lid while boiling to avoid the water to boil down.
6. If there is a need to check whether potatoes are ready, poke them with a fork. If the potatoes are easy to poke with a fork, they are ready.
7. In the process of cooking, potatoes make almost no change in weight. :)
Cook new potatoes in jackets: put them in cold water and boil for 15 minutes.

How to boil potatoes in jackets

Before cooking choose potatoes that are similar in size for even cooking. New potatoes are the more suitable for boiling in jackets.
1. Rinse potatoes in cold water, clean off the dirt, peel with a knife.
2. Put potatoes in a pot.
3. Pour potatoes with cold salted water with a couple of centimeters above them. Salt is necessary for the peel not to crack in the process of boiling.
4. Put the pot covered with a lid over high heat.
5. After the water starts boiling, reduce the heat and cook potatoes for 20 minutes.
6. Check the potatoes by poking one of them with a fork. If the fork pokes potatoes easily, all the way to their center, potatoes in jackets are ready.
7.1. If you need potatoes for salad, put them in cold water to cool, then peel and use in your salad.
7.2. If you use potatoes as a side dish, leave them in a covered pot for some time to cool them down.
8. Peel potatoes.
New potatoes can be served unpeeled (by the way, potato jacket is very healthful for heart). Serve potatoes with butter, greens and pleasure. :)

How to peel potatoes

Put potatoes in a colander, rinse each potato in cold water.
Peel new potatoes by scraping jackets from the whole surface of potatoes with a short thin knife. After peeling, put each potato into a bowl with cold water to prevent them from getting dark.
Mature and old potatoes should be peeled this way: slice a thin layer of jacket (two millimeters) from potatoes, cut out dark spots and buds and put the potatoes in a bowl with cold water.

Students Potatoes

Ingredients 1 kg of potatoes, five sausages, cheese, 200 grams of "Russian" cheese. All will cost approximately 120 rubles, the dish will be enough for two very hungry students. Cooking time is 40 minutes.

Cooking students potatoes
Peel potatoes, boil them. Boil sausages boil, cut them. Rub the cheese on a coarse grater. Mix everything and mash in a pot into mashed potatoes consistency, add salt. Serve until it gets cold. You can add fresh herbs.


Jacket potatoes are believed to be more healthy as potato skin (jacket) prevents boiling nutrients out of them.

PS: To prevent potatoes in jackets from getting crumbled, you can add some more salt (a tablespoon of salt for 2 liters of water).

To save a couple of minutes, you may add 1 cube or 30 gram of butter in the process of boiling. Then potatoes will be boiled at temperature a bit above 100°C and therefore they will get cooked faster.

Store potatoes properly
1. Pour 9% vinegar in water when boiling potatoes to prevent them from getting dark (1 tablespoon for 2 litres of water).
2. Sweet taste of frozen potatoes will disappear if you keep raw potatoes at room temperature for 3-4 days.
3. Do not keep raw peeled potatoes in water for a long time, the perfect time is 20-30 minutes, otherwise there may be loss of vitamins.
4. It's better to store potatoes in a dark place to save vitamin C.

The benefits of potatoes is caused by the content of amino acids, vitamin C (especially fresh), potassium tuberozina, zinc and starch in it. Potatoes perfectly effect the body and health, preventing different diseases.

Potatoes improves heart function, potato broth is useful in treating ulcers, venous diseases, boils. Raw potatoes may be applied to the sore spot of skin burns, to cure dermatitis and inflammation. Potatoes are prevent many diseases - tubercle bacillus, cardiovascular system, diuretic system. Potato starch is useful for chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract as an anti-inflammatory, potato juice is used to treat arthritis. In order to cure the flu it is recommended to breathe over boiled potatoes.

Nutritional value of cooked potatoes
82 calories per 100 grams;
Protein - 2 g, carbohydrates - 16.7 grams, fat - 0.4 grams.
How to roast potatoes?
Roasting time depends on the size of the potato cubes. Thin slices of potatoes should be fried for about 20 minutes over medium heat. The cubes of 1 cm should be fried for 25-30 minutes.

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