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What is the boiling time for Portobello mushrooms?


Portobello mushrooms should be boiled for 15 to 17 minutes in salted water.

How to cook Portobello mushrooms

1. Wash portobello, cut off the roots, remove dirt with a brush.
2. Put portobello into a pot, pour water to cover the mushrooms.
3. Put a pot on heat.
4. Add salt.
5. After water start boiling simmer portobello for 15 minutes under a lid over low heat.
6. Drain broth off (it may be used for cooking soups and sauces), cool the mushroom and use as intended. Your portobello mushrooms are cooked!

How and how long to roast portobello
Portobello should be roasted until liquid appearing during frying evaporates. Usually it take 7-10 minutes to roast these mushrooms.


- It's not recommended to soak large portobello mushrooms. As the mushrooms are grown in the artificial sterile conditions it is unlikely for them to become dirty and it's enough to clean them with a soft brush. If you still need to wash the mushrooms, it is recommended to use them at once and dry for 5-7 minutes before cooking.
- When you choose portobello, you should keep in mind that those with bent caps are new mushrooms full of moisture. It is economically reasonable to buy mature mushrooms which are free of moisture. Flat cap effect positively on the mushroom taste: mature portobello's taste is more saturated and its texture is more dense.
- Portobello is a kind of champignons which has particularly large caps. You may find portobello with caps of 10 centimeters in diameter in Moscow stores.
- Calorific value of portobello is 26 calories/100 grams.
- Portobello are usually grown in the artificial mushroom spawns. However unlike usual champignons, portobello growing process is much more complicated, that's why people much rarely deal with their growing. For this reason, the cost of these mushrooms in the shops is high.
- Besides boiling, portobello can be roasted and baked. Portobello caps due to their large size can be filled and stuffed.

Chicken with portobello recipe

The ingredients for cooking chicken with portobello
Chicken - 3 pcs.
Portabello mushrooms - 500 gr.,
Onion - 1 bulb,
cream 15-20% fat - a small package (250 ml.)
salt, pepper, garlic, herbs - to taste.

Cooking chicken with portobello
Chop onions, fry gently in sunflower oil until golden brown, add chopped meat (3-4 cm pieces) to the skillet, add chopped portobello mushrooms and cook for 15-20 minutes until the liquid evaporates.
Add salt, pepper, crushed garlic, cream. Stew with cream, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes. Serve with pleasure, sprinkled with herbs.

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