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How long to boil chicken?


Various chicken cuts (legs, thighs, filet, breast, wings, shanks) are cooked for 30 minutes.

Rural chicken for soup should be boiled for 2 hours. Broiler or young chicken should be boiled for 1 hour.

A whole chicken should be boiled for an hour and an hour and a half.

How to cook chicken

1. Defrost chicken, if it's frozen.
2. Take out feathers (if any) with help of tweezers.
3. Pour water into a pot to cover chicken with extra couple centimeters.
4. Salt water (take one teaspoon of salt for each liter of water).
5. Put chicken or its сuts into a pot.
6. Add onion, peeled carrot, garlic to your taste.
7. Boil chicken for 30 minutes (for cuts of chicken) to 2 hours (for a whole dunghill hen).

How to cook chicken in a multicooker
Put chicken into a multicooker, cover it whole with water, add salt, spices and cook in "Stew' mode for 1 hour. Various chicken cuts are cooked 30 minutes in a multicooker set to the mentioned mode.

How to cook chicken in a steamer
Various chicken cuts are cooked 45 minutes in a steamer.

How to cook in a microwave
Cuts of chicken are cooked 20-25 minutes in a microwave at maximum power (800-1000 W). Turn chicken over in the middle of cooking.

Factelicious about chicken

What spices can be added during cooking?
After boiling you may add peeled onion and carrot, pepper, salt, oregano, marjoram, rosemary, basil, herbs de Provence. You can add 1-2 bay leaves at the end of cooking.

When salt should be added while cooking?
Salt chicken after 15 minutes of cooking.
How long to cook chicken wings?
Chicken wings are cooked for 20-25 minutes.
How long to roast chicken?
Roast chicken for 20-30 minutes depending on the size of chicken cuts and heat.

How much calories does chicken filet contain?
Calorific value of boiled chicken filet is 110 kcal.
Calorific value of cuts with skin is 160 kcal.

How to cook chicken for soup?
Cook chicken in a plenty of water for soup: for 1 cut of chicken with bone you need water 6 times as much (for example, 3 liters of water for 250 gram chicken leg). Add salt at the beginning of boiling to get rich broth.

How to prepare chicken for boiling?
Take out feathers (if any), wash and dry with a towel.

How to serve boiled chicken?
Boiled chicken can be served as main dish, it can be topped with spices and greens and served with vegetables, sauces, cream.
Testing chicken for doneness: if meat is easily cut off away from bones or easily punctured with a fork, fowl is cooked.

Chicken soup recipe

The ingredients and the price of chicken soup
500 grams of chicken (leg quarters are better), 1-2 medium carrots, 1-2 heads of onions, 3-5 pieces of potatoes, 100-120 grams of pasta, spices and herbs to taste.

Chicken soup recipe Cook chicken in a large quantity of water. Add brown onions and carrots. Put chopped and cooked chicken back to broth. Add pasta, chopped potatoes and seasonings and cook for another 20 minutes.

How to choose a chicken

If the chicken is sticky, it is possible that the chicken was sick and was treated with antibiotics. If the breast is enlarged and a chicken has disproportionately short legs it is most likely that a bird was stuffed with hormones.

A healthy chicken should have light pink or white meat, it should have thin and delicate skin, it should have small scales on the feet. The most delicious meat is of the young chicken. Tap on the breast: if the bone is hard and firm, it is most likely that the chicken is old, young chicken’s bones spring softly.

It is better to buy chilled poultry - this is the most pure and healthy meat of all. There almost no nutrients in the frozen chicken meat.

How to cut up a chicken

First method
1. Wash chicken in cold water, put on a cutting board with chicken's back up, make a cut along the chine bone with a large knife to reach bones.
2. At the junction of drumsticks with the chine bone cut the flesh on two sides.
3.Turn the carcass over, make a deep cut around the thigh so you can see the thigh bone, spin the drumstick and cut between the bone and the carcass. Repeat on other side.
4. Make cuts on both sides of the chest and separate meat, cut breastbones, take out the beast bone.
5. Cut the wings and breast off the carcass making cut from the tail to the neck.
6. Cut the wings off the carcass, one third of breast should be remained at the wings.
7. Cut off the tips of the wing (they will need for broth).
8. Cut the drumstick into two parts, cutting the joint between the thigh and the leg.

Second method
1. Start cutting the chicken from the rump along the chine bone.
2. Put the carcass in upright position, stick a knife in just made cut, apply pressure to cut straight down the spine.
3. Put the carcass with the breast down, open the cut.
4. Put in upright position, cut the front bone.
5. Put a half of the chicken with its leg up, pull the drumstick and cut through the joint between it and the breast. Repeat with the other half.
6. Find out a white thin strip on the legs - the joint between the leg and the thigh - cutting it off divide the drumstick into two parts.

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