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How long it takes to boil pork foreshank

How long it takes to boil pork foreshank

You should boil pork for foreshank for a soup, smoking and baking for 1 hour, for aspic - 2-3 hours.

How to boil pork foreshank

1. Wash pork foreshank.
2. A foreshank for a soup or aspic should be cleaned of skin and fat, a foreshank for further baking or smoking - leave as it is.
3. Prepare two onions and a carrot and wash them.
4. Wash four sticks of celery and cut every one across.
5. Pour three liters of water into a big pun, put pork foreshank, whole onions, a carrot, celery sticks.
6. Put three pink buds, anise, 10 sticks of thyme, 8 peas of pepper, three bay leaves in a special culinary bag for boiling or self-made bag of clean cheesecloth, tied with a culinary string.
7. Put the bag into the pan with a foreshank and vegetables.
8. Put the pan on an average fire; wait until the water starts boiling.
9. Boil the foresehank for 1 hour under lid, skimming off the foam from the surface of the broth.
10. Pick the foreshank out of the broth for further baking, smoking or soup, the meat and broth are cooked.
11. To make foreshank aspic you should strain the broth.
12. Pour the strained broth back into the pan.
13. Put the foreshank into the pan with the broth; bring it on the boil on average fire, then boil, skimming of the foam for 1-2 hours until the liquid reduces two times in volume.


- Pork foreshank is boiled for aspic or the rich broth for a soup, or to get boiled and smoked foreshank. Boiled and smoked foreshank served cut into pieces or in sandwiches. You can also use foreshank to make a pea soup.

- Boiled and smoked foreshank can be served as a main dish with sour cabbage and mash potatoes. Just skin the fat skin of a foreshank.

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